Advisory Committee

At the heart of our caregiving program lies the Caregiver To You Advisory Committee, who stays connected to provide advice and recommendations to our administrative team. The committee is comprised of local clinicians, caregivers, and community members who know what it means to provide care.

The committee was formed with four goals:

  • To review the policies and practices of the Caregiver To You Home Care program in a way that provides professional guidance and insight
  • To recommend training opportunities for Caregiver To You staff, based on current issues within the company
  • To provide community resources for expanding the Caregiver To You Home Care Program, including referral recommendations and marketing insight
  • To demonstrate the company’s commitment to community involvement, self-examination, and upholding professional values and opinions

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.

Meet the Advisory Committee


We listen to the needs of our caregivers through regular meetings and support calls

We listen to the needs of our clients through regular assessments and follow-ups

We listen to the needs of the community through community engagement


We listen to the opinions of multidisciplinary experts through our advisory committee