Tele-Visit Options

In-Depth Description: Clients may choose to enroll in tele-visit services for various services. These services will look different than in-person services, and might look like this:

Check-In Services

Most wellness calls are considered Tele-Visits. Before starting this service, we would work with the family to determine the needs for each call, as well as what to do in response to certain situations. For example, we might confirm that your loved one has all of the medications they need to get through the weekend, but they let us know that they have run out of milk. We would have a pre-determined process for dealing with emergency and non-emergency situations that might involve calling a friend, family member, or trusted neighbor before responding to the need ourselves.


A Companionship Tele-Visit is usually a simple phone or video call with your loved one, where we talk about current events, share stories, and ask questions about your loved one’s history to make them know that we’re interested in their experiences.


A Home Care Handyman Tele-Visit is usually a video call where we help your loved one diagnose a problem before sending out a professional. We might identify that the toaster isn’t working anymore because the plug came loose.

Meal Preps

A meal-prep Tele-Visit would take place when your loved one needs help placing an order or preparing a pre-planned meal. We can assist with a meal delivery service like Door Dash, or walk them through finalizing a meal we’ve prepared for them in the fridge!


When your loved one needs help self-administering their medications, in-person visits are usually best. But oftentimes, in a tele-visit, we can get a verbal verification that a specific medication was taken, make sure that there were no spills of a medication dispenser, and confirm with your loved one that they have enough medications to make it to the next visit!


If you or a loved-one just needs to communicate a shopping list to your Caregiver to or to our office, sometimes a Tele-Visit will do. In certain circumstances, we can place orders for you through Amazon, Walmart, or another retailer, and then help with delivery at the next in-person visit!


Not everyone is comfortable arranging their own transportation, especially using app-based ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft. Or maybe you need help arranging other transportation services like flights or train tickets; we’re happy to help with that, too!