Chores & Housekeeping

One of the early signs that it might be time for a Caregiver is a decline in housekeeping standards. Individuals who are losing independence (and those who care for them) might have a hard time keeping up with chores that were once very important to them. This is often a frustrating and depressing experience that can lead to other problems.

Having a Caregiver means there’s someone to help with household chores like:

Vacuuming, Sweeping and Floor Care

Making the Bed

Doing dishes

General Household Cleaning

Running Laundry

Taking out the garbage

Pet Care

(like feeding, brushing, litter box cleaning, and picking up after pets)

These services are also a good way to ease an uncertain parent into broader caregiving services. As rapport is developed with a trusted Caregiver, you may find that uncertainty begins to fade as other needs increase.