Personal Care

Activities of Daily Living are the most fundamental needs that many people take for granted. But sometimes due to age or disability, these activities can no longer be done independently. Our Caregivers are professionals who can help your loved one manage these activities with dignity.

“Personal Care” covers the following Activities of Daily Living (ADLs):


Whether it’s helping your loved one in and out of the tub or shower, or performing bathing duties in bed, these services are completed professionally and in a manner that preserves dignity.


Changing clothes at least daily can have a profound impact on emotional well-being. But when tying shoes becomes a daunting task, or mobility problems make balance difficult, a Caregiver’s help can make all the difference.


Our Caregivers will make sure that grooming and personal hygiene routines are met with every visit.

oral hygiene

Whether your loved one needs help brushing their teeth or caring for dentures, our Caregivers are trained in oral hygiene practices.


We can help with all matters related to toileting and the hygiene needs that accompany incontinence.


Meal preparation may include cutting food into bite-sized pieces, preparing soft foods as needed, recording eating habits, and even help feeding when necessary.