Check-In Services

They are many variations on check-in services that we can provide, and they’re usually done by phone. But if an in-person check-in is needed, we can arrange for that, too! During an in-person wellness check, a Caregiver can check that a pillbox is full, make sure that there are no major fall risks, and assist in the checking of blood sugar, blood pressure, or other self-checks.

For families who use our Caregivers three or four days per week, scheduling a wellness check-in call can be a good option for the days off. These can be phone calls or video chats in which we verify that your loved one is doing well, hasn’t run out of groceries, and has the medications they need to make it to their next visit.

Typically, with a check-in service, we will collect the name and phone number of a neighbor or trusted friend or family member who we can dispatch if additional help is needed. If we can’t reach anyone, or if there is an emergency, we would of course send someone to the home to perform an in-person check.

Tele-Visit Options exist for Medication Assistance, which means that a full in-person care visit may not always be necessary.