Medication Assistance

Our Caregivers will help provide peace of mind when it comes to your loved one and their medicines. We’ll be there to double-check the pill-box, notify you if something is missing or medicines are avoided, and assist the client by reminding them about or even helping them with their medicines.

The California Department of Social Services has stringent rules regarding Home Care and Medications. Home Care is different than Home Health, so we have to be careful about administering medications. Generally speaking, our job is to assist your loved one as they self-administer their own medicines. You can read more here at this LINK.

Here are some examples of how we can help:

Opening and closing pill bottles, containers, packages, and patches.

The assembly, cleaning, and disassembling of nebulizers or inhalers.

Site-selection assistance for injections or transdermal patches.

Helping the family develop a system for keeping track of medications.

Tele-Visit Options exist for Medication Assistance, which means that a full in-person care visit may not always be necessary.