The Post-Pandemic Career of Choice


Being a Caregiver is more than a career. It’s a personality trait. Caregivers have made the meaningful choice to focus on the needs of others while so many seem focused on themselves.


According to Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index Annual Report, “The data is clear. Extreme flexibility and hybrid work will define the post-pandemic workplace. Employees want control of where, when, and how they work, and expect businesses to provide options.”


Working for a Home Care Organization like Caregiver To You Addresses all three of these points, giving employees control over

  • Where they work
    • Employment opportunities exist throughout the country, giving Caregivers the flexibility to work in virtually any city in the world. Caregivers can also choose which assignment to accept, giving them control down to the neighborhood in which care is needed.
  • When they work
    • Caregivers get to make their own schedule and have the flexibility to provide care when it’s convenient for them. The need for Caregivers is so high that they can work almost as much or as little as they want.
  • How they work
    • Not only does Caregiving provide opportunities for advancement and even some tele-work options, but Caregivers can also select only the assignments which offer the types of work they are comfortable providing.


In addition to these perks, Caregivers who are employees of a home care organization can avoid the pitfalls of being an Independent Contractor.  Caregiver employees already have most of the perks associated with independent contracting, especially control of their schedules and workplaces, but also have all of the perks of employment, not the least of which are employee protections like unemployment insurance, discrimination protections, and even minimum wage requirements.


And independent contracting isn’t as profitable as it seems. According to the accounting experts at Acuity, if you’re an independent contractor, “You also now have the administrative burden to make sure you are paying 15.3% to Uncle Sam for Medicare and Social Security taxes. As an employee you pay half of this, but when you are an independent contractor you are the business, so you must also pay the employer costs. Saving up for these expenses quarterly can be a tough transition for some.”


If you’re interested in starting a career as a Caregiver, reach out to Caregiver To You. We can help you get started, or just put you in touch with an experienced Caregiver who can answer your questions.


The closest thing to being cared for is to care for someone else.” ― Carson McCullers, The Square Root of Wonderful