DIY Caregiver

DIY Caregiver is a supportive service we offer to families seeking to provide their own in-home care. This is the best service if a friend or family member is available to act as a Caregiver but needs extra tools and support to confidently provide care.


A family on the DIY Caregiver plan will pay a low monthly rate and have access to the same tools and resources we provide to our own Caregivers.

With our DIY Caregiver plan, you will have access to…

  • Our extensive training library, including certification programs for disease-specific care like Alzheimer’s and Diabetes (our trainings even include chef-designed cooking classes for Caregivers!)
  • Access to our Caregiver Café and Caregiver Training Room, where you can practice and train with our medical supplies and equipment, including a hospital bed, Hoyer lift, and mobility and personal care devices.
  • Discounts on Respite Care and Transportation Services, as well as access to our pool and yard care programs and the Homecare Handyman service.
  • Phone support from the caregiving experts in our office, who will be available to help you overcome the inevitable challenges ahead.
  • Tele-visit Services.
  • Scheduling and documentation tools for advanced DIY accounts.
  • Priority onboarding if you elect to switch to scheduled in-home care services.
  • Opportunities to quickly start work as a paid Caregiver should you choose to do so!

Generally, those who utilize daily or weekly solutions will not need our care 24-hours a day. For clients who need care around the clock, consider our 24-Hour Caregiving Options.