Yard, Pool, & Handyman Services

We’ve partnered with local professionals to provide yard maintenance and pool cleaning services at a low rate for all customers, including DIY Caregivers. Each service has multiple packages depending on the size of the yard and the overall need of the customer, so an individual quote will need to be arranged, but our preexisting relationships ensure that you’re getting a fair price for excellent service.

We’re also proud to offer our Home Care Handyman service! For this is a one-of-a-kind service, we’ve contracted with local professionals who will come to the home and repair or diagnose whatever needs mending! If it can’t be repaired in under an hour, we’ll let you know and help you find the best solution moving forward.


Some longer repairs or installations can be performed by our contracted handyman. Bigger jobs or more specialized work will require a licensed

contractor, which we can help you find and schedule.


While neither the handyman nor the licensed contractors are registered Caregivers, they are individuals with whom we’ve developed a relationship of trust, and who we feel confident will not take advantage of your loved one’s situation.