Veteran’s Care Services

Caring for our veterans is a duty we take seriously. veterans have special care needs, but they also have special services available to them through local and national programs. Working with Caregiver To You, you can be sure that we keep our Caregivers and clients informed when special services might reduce the financial burden of care, even when it’s not to our financial benefit.


Caregiver to You works closely with Stanislaus County’s Department of Aging and Veteran’s Services, guiding veterans to special opportunities for transportation assistance, crisis intervention, legal help, and other opportunities specific to veterans and their families.

Home Care for veterans includes:

  • Access to “Communication Specialist” Caregivers who receive special training dealing with those who might be dealing with stressors related to PTSD.
  • Attending to the social and spiritual needs of the veteran, and preserving the sense of dignity and honor they deserve.
  • Involving the families and close friends, as well as those in Veterans’ Organizations in proper assistance.
  • The coordination of care and new or changing treatment options depending on the stage of the memory condition. This will vary for everyone.
  • Full support for family and caregivers. There’s a special way to care for the veteran but also care for all who are involved.