Marina, quite simply, is our greatest find. Her start in caregiving began in high school, where she was a Peer-Assisting Learner. As a PAL, Marina helped students who had developmental delays and developed an early appreciation for Caregiving. Even then, it was clear that Marina would find a career helping others.

Marina came highly recommended by the residential care facility where she managed care for adults with developmental delays. She is even certified by the California Department of Social Services as an Adult Residential Facility Administrator! Her caregiving and managerial experience are incredible, but what make her a great fit with this team is that she approaches her work with an understanding that her actions have a real effect on the clients and Caregivers we work with.

Born in Atwater, but raised in Modesto since the age of 10, she’s ALMOST a Modesto native! Marina has a beautiful family. Her daughter Naima is in love with all of their pets, but especially their new puppy, Ice. Marina and her fiancé Raymon (a former basketball coach for Modesto Magic) are outdoor enthusiasts, and enjoy spending time at community events and getting Naima and the pups out in nature.