A “Jill of All Trades,” Brenda has managed payroll and benefits for our company since its inception in 2004, and came with decades of experience in business finance. Before that, her entrepreneurial experience helped her develop a keen sense of what works and what doesn’t in business. And of all the decisions we’ve made, the move into the home care space is the decision she feels most confident about; not only because it’s a good fit for our business, but it’s also a good fit for our people.

Brenda embodies our core value of Compassion. She and her husband Lewis are very involved in their community through volunteer service, and in various community groups. Aside from their kids and grandkids, their beautiful (and enormous) Old English Sheepdog named Jonah is the pride and joy of the Neitzel household! You’ll see Jonah hanging his head out the window as they head out on one of their many camping trips each year.

While she prefers to stay behind the scenes, Brenda remains the heart and soul of this company. She is responsible for billing and accounting, but most of her time is spent making sure that our staff are well-taken-care-of, and she takes that job seriously. One thing that truly sets us apart as a company is how committed we are to the satisfaction of our Caregivers and staff, and Brenda’s dedication to that pledge is our secret weapon.